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  1. Illustration: Kyle Platts gets us in the Glastonbury mood with his latest piece Festival Frenzy
    Posted by Liv Siddall, Wednesday 26 June 2013

    When Kyle Platts knocked on the doors of It’s Nice That with his new creation, it pretty much made our week. Festival Frenzy is a two metre, double-sided concertina book illustrating the highs and lows of the classic British festival, published just in time for Glastonbury.

    So, before you start having a week-long upside down smile because you’re not at the festival of all festivals (by the way, Kyle himself actually is there) just take a look at some of these expertly illustrated, albeit rather cynical portrayals of the British public at their most wacky and free. You’ll realise it’s not so bad just to watch it all on telly and avoid the inevitable festival-induced trench foot and chlamydia everyone else is getting.

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